Marvel’s Avengers is ready to introduce Marvel’s best characters, but not on PC

Even the publisher Square Enix had to admit in a recent earnings call that Marvel’s Avengers were “disappointing”. Since the launch of the much-hyped superhero live service game, it has been plagued by dilemmas, but the biggest and most hateful thing is that not many people want to play it again. This led to tensions in Crystal Dynamics, as it tried to find a way to keep the game viable, and every time it did attract the attention of fans, it reacted like a scalded cat. It has been fiddling with its system, adding characters, and it was recently available on GamePass-but the future looks bleak.

Unless you are on PlayStation. One of the few hopes for the Avengers’ future is locked on the PlayStation version, and it still makes me angry. Regardless of specific rights disputes, the more fact is that players on non-PlayStation platforms get fewer games (we don’t have Spider-Man’s “alternative” heroes), and one of the major updates of the game now is basically just never Another reason to pick it up on the PC.

(Image source: Crystal Power/M3owsterChef)

Avengers 2.2 Patch Launched on November 30th, it introduced Spider-Man and the campaign built around the character, and added a new four-player raid for all players. It also introduces a new “transportation” system that allows players to work hard for advanced clothing, comprehensively increase the maximum power level and equipment upgrades (you can reclaim equipment with higher power levels to upgrade low-level items to that level) .