Marvel’s Avengers revealed in its annual report that it disappointed Square Enix

Square Enix released Fiscal Year 2021 Annual Report, Which reflects the games released during the first few months of the COVID pandemic. Despite the lessons learned from the project, Marvel’s Avengers were deemed “not proven to be successful” in the report.

Using the game-as-a-service (or GaaS) model, Marvel’s Avengers has been described as the “ambitious title” of Square Enix. The long-tail planning of service-centric games and the complexity of moving to work-from-home developers add to the challenge. “We were able to overcome these challenges and release the game, but unfortunately it was not as successful as we hoped,” Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda said in the report.

However, Matsuda said there was a silver lining and used the project as a learning opportunity. He said: “Nevertheless, the adoption of the GaaS model highlights the problems we may face in future game development work, such as the need to choose game designs that match the unique attributes and tastes of our studio and development team.” Matsuda said, Due to the hard way to discover some of the lessons of GaaS, “Although the new challenges we solved with this title have produced disappointing results, we are sure that the GaaS approach will become more and more as the game becomes more serviceable. Important-oriented.”

The Avengers are not the only game that Square Enix did not perform well in the early stages of the pandemic. When talking about the “Final Fantasy VII Remake”, Matsuda said: “Once upon a time, even its release was questioned.” Although COVID was directly mentioned before, it may refer to the dilemma the game faced in the early stages. In any case, FFVII Remake was released in April 2021, and the results were good.

It will be interesting to see which parts of Marvel’s Avengers are carefully selected and improved for future games. With the recent release of Black Panther, War for Wakanda expansion and continuous adjustments to its XP system, the game is still being supported by Square Enix. You can now play games with Xbox Game Pass.

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