Marvel’s Avengers roadmap covers plans for the rest of 2021

As promised last week, an updated roadmap for Marvel’s Avengers has been provided.

Today, Crystal Dynamics provided Marvel’s Avengers with an upcoming content roadmap that covers now to the end of the year.

According to the developer, it recently launched two new permanent missions that reward players for resources that are often played in the Avengers. Daily mission-“Rise & Shine”-provides fragments and upgrade modules for completion. The weekly mission-“Meet the Challenge”-will reward fragment boosters, hero catalysts and troops. The studio stated that the goal is to reward players with more opportunities to motivate the assembly team.

During September, the focus will be on in-game community activities and the first anniversary of the game.

From now until the 16th, players who log in and complete all story-based activities (reorganization, aiming, imperfection in the future, and the Battle of Wakanda) will receive a celebration plaque. For those who have completed all activities, rewards are awarded retrospectively. There will also be free items on the market:

  • Week 1: Free Iron Man costume and anniversary pack (panther nameplate, hero catalyst and fragment extractor)
  • Week 2: Free Thor set and extra hero catalyst

Three in-game community activities will also be launched this month. One is priority urgent tasks, which give you the opportunity to complete one priority task every day instead of just completing one task per week. Another community activity is an activity that greatly increases the generation rate of Cargo Runner Synthoid, and the third activity that provides additional rewards for completing the campaign flashback mission. All of these will be paired with XP promotion events.

You can also expect new MCU-inspired clothing to enter the market.

The rest of the roadmap includes in-game activities, new content, system updates, and Spider-Man landing on the PlayStation console this year. You can also expect the team to continue to improve the system and quality of life features.

Crystal Power said that due to player feedback, it is re-creating resources and equipment upgrades. This is the expectation the team said:

System rework


  • Improved equipment upgrades, more valuable equipment, more equipment focused on the later stages of the game… We heard your voice. With the upcoming power level increase, we want to ensure that players can keep their hard-earned equipment as they progress. The new system will allow players to upgrade Epic, Legendary and Exotic equipment from power level 100 to the new power level cap! While we continue to improve the equipment, we are also carefully studying the hero suit equipment: where it is obtained and how to improve the clarity of use. We will provide more detailed information about all of these in future blogs.


  • The team is currently working to adopt a more streamlined and concentrated resource approach. In this new system, each resource has a specific purpose to help improve clarity-such as how Polychoron is dedicated to upgrading the main artifacts, while the upgrade modules are reserved for upgrading equipment. Fragments will be the only exception, as they are still resources with multiple uses. As the plan is finalized, more details will be shared.

Earned cosmetics

  • Ways to obtain cosmetics through games are being added, including items that were previously only available in the market. As these systems are added to the game, we will provide more detailed information about these systems in the coming months.

Crow raid

Dissonant sound and increased power level ceiling

  • CD is still perfecting the first raid-available in both standard (PL 150-160) and elite mode (PL 160-175)-this will provide a conclusion to Klau’s story in the Battle of Wakanda. This will be the most challenging content so far, not only to test the mastery of each hero, but also to test the well-built four-person assault squad. Cooperation and observation are essential to defeat this.
  • Klaw Raid has custom levels, new threats that require complex and tactical combat, and a more powerful enemy type based on the villain it faces. A new enemy named Echoes-a sound construct created by Klaw-was created and customized for this experience. The increase in Power Level to 175 produces a more dramatic drop, which is a remarkable example of replayable and rewarding content, in line with our mantra.

Celebrate the Marvel Universe

  • The CD will provide some timely matching activities coordinated with the Disney + Marvel program, and will release more MCU costumes when working with each creative team.


  • Between larger game updates, the studio will resume limited-time events to give new players the opportunity to try them and provide everyone with the opportunity to get exclusive rewards and advanced equipment. These events include damaged vibrating events, red chamber takeovers, tachytron anomalies, and cosmic threat events.


  • Finally, there will be a new playable hero and hero event in 2021, starring Spider-Man, only on the PlayStation platform. More information about Spider-Man will be shared before launch, and you may catch a glimpse of him here and there in the process.

The team said that in addition to this roadmap, there are many plans that will extend to the end of winter and beyond, including solving long-standing problems, improving the quality of life, new heroes, villains, and so on. Updates on patrol mode and Omega-level threats: When there are more specific details to share, a clone laboratory will be provided.

Crystal Dynamics also shared the player’s performance in the game.

Here are some player statistics since the release:

  • Over 619 million energy levels and 275 million hero levels have been obtained
  • 23 million HARM rooms have been completed
  • 8 billion enemies were defeated in the Avengers initiative
  • Abomination is the most failed boss, who came in 9.4 million times
  • Completed 23 million airborne zones, 17 million hero missions, and 12 million villain zones
  • 9.6 billion fragments have been discovered, 4.5 billion catalysts have been recovered, 569.2 million Polychorons have been claimed, and 1.5 billion upgrade modules have been rewarded

Since the release of the “War of Wakanda” expansion, players have achieved the following:

  • 3.4 million hunter crawlers and 50 million scout crawlers were sent back to AIM in batches
  • 64.4 million Crow Company mercenaries are rethinking their life choices
  • Panthers defeated 153 million enemies in 9 million missions in Wakanda