Marvel’s Avengers will get Spider-Man, new raids, and other major updates on November 30

Spider-Man finally arrives at Marvel’s Avengers later this month. Specifically, he will enter the PlayStation version of the game-after all, he is an exclusive character. But even non-PlayStation users will get major updates, adding new raids, increasing energy caps, and a potentially more friendly way to unlock cosmetics.

November 30 is an important day for the release of patch 2.2. Spider-Man arrives in the Great Power Hero event. The center of the story is that Peter Parker discovers a mysterious threat and joins forces with the Avengers to prevent AIM from acquiring powerful technology. Although Spider-Man worked hard as a member of the team, he managed to establish contact with Ms. Marvel and Black Widow (although insisting on maintaining his secret identity). The key to the campaign depends on whether Peter decides to become a full-time avenger or insists on fighting crime alone.

Unfortunately, surprisingly, there are still no screenshots or trailers showing the appearance/action of Spider-Man, but hopefully he is as acrobatic as you might imagine. It is unclear whether this free add-on is a small operation like Kate Bishop/Hawkeye or a larger expansion similar to the arrival of Black Panther.

Marvel’s Avengers: Battle of Wakanda

In addition to the addition of Spider-Man, after the Wakada expansion event, all versions of the game have added a new four-player Raid player against Klaw. The update also increases the power level cap from 150 to 175. Players can now upgrade existing equipment by recycling equipment with higher power levels. Crystal Dynamics has also added a new method of obtaining rare cosmetics, called Shipments.

Goods are like a loot box, you can only buy it by spending the game currency accumulated by playing the do no Real money must be spent, which is different from the paid XP Boosts that have been removed. A shipment is priced at 500 pieces each, and it can be extracted from about 250 cosmetics. There is a small chance to unlock a piece of advanced equipment that you can’t get through other means. However, those who purchase 100 pieces of goods will automatically get advanced equipment.

These sound like exciting additions (unless you missed Spider-Man, of course). After being considered financially disappointing by publisher Square Enix, Marvel’s Avengers needed all the victories. You can play games on current and previous generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles (including Game Pass) and PC.