Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy looks like a space blast, the release date is set to October

Guardians of the Galaxy has been a major player in mainstream consciousness since joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2014. Since then, they have appeared in two films (third on the way) and participated in the climax of the Infinity War. And Endgame appeared in rostered games such as Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and Marvel Strike Force, and starred in their own episode adventure series from Telltale Games in 2017. But everyone’s favorite rug tag space hero is the new Guardians of Deus Ex Studio Eidos Montreal Galaxy game.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a single-player action game full of hostile encounters, playful jokes, and player choices, putting you in the position of Peter Quill, also known as Starlord. Similar to the recent adaptation of the Guardians of the Galaxy story (especially MCU movies), licensed music sets the tone, and Bonnie Tyler’s “Holdout for Heroes” sounds the beginning of the trailer.

The gameplay trailer begins with the ship’s guardian, Milan. They face some fines and can lose their ship unless they come up with credit early. When discussing what the Guardian should do, we first look at the player’s choices in the game. Is Peter listening to Drax’s ideas, rocket plans, or Groot’s plans? Demonstrators choose to call Groot. Heartfelt “I’m Groot,” Groot said (as interpreted through his little fellow rocket) that the team should “sell” him to Lady Hellbender, who is trying to procure monsters. Groot. Rockets and Drax think it might be better to sell the dreaded raccoon, but Gamora favors Groot. Of course, it’s up to Starlord to decide. The demonstrators decide at that moment to follow the Rocket and Drax plans.

The team arrives at Mrs. Hellbender’s hometown, Seknerf Nine. Far away, the team finds her castle. Drax says it’s not a castle, but an impregnable fortress, asking how a rocket can impregnate it. Without missing a beat, Gamora chimes Peter to ask him about the topic. This constant interaction with the humorous ginger continues throughout the demo, while the Guardian quarrels in every detail.

The group reaches a vast expanse full of wide platforms that resemble tall mushrooms leading to the fortress. The team climbs on one, but their weight is clearly too big for it and they fall to the ground below. A gelatinous cube that can project metal spikes from the core attacks the team and gives a glimpse of the battle first. You control Starlord and complete his blaster and melee attacks, but you can command your squadmates.

During the battle, demonstrators will slow down the time by displaying a menu featuring each Starroad teammate. When a fellow guardian is selected, the attack command for that character is displayed. Using this menu, Starlord tells Gamora to do a lot of damage, Groot uses the limbs of a tree branch to trap a cube, and a rocket tells the Smithereens to blow it away. .. The battle ends according to the series of orders, and the team can continue trekking to the fortress.

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy

The team reaches the gap with the withdrawn bridge and control panel. One issue: The control panel is on the other side of the crevice. Drax’s big idea is to throw the rocket across the gap, but the rocket doesn’t seem to be very keen on the idea. At another moment of player choice, Starlord chooses to have Drax throw him, the decision rocket is not very happy. A Telterre-like message appears in the corner to let you know how upset the rocket is. When the talking raccoon curses their name on the other side of the gap, they negotiate a higher cut with him if he stretches the bridge to the other members of the team.

The Guardian goes in the general direction of the fortress, but is ambushed by more cubes. But before the battle begins, giant alien cat monsters pop out, freeze them on their tails and pose a great threat to the heroes. In the battle, all characters are fighting the same as in their previous encounters. But things look miserable. These cats quickly even freeze the rocket to the ground. So Peter has to destroy him when there is a moment. Peter unleashes the Walkman, unleashes Joan Jett’s “bad reputation” and strengthens the team. The music fits perfectly into the action and ends the beast at the end of the song.

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy

Starlord and his companions have finally reached the fortress of Mrs. Hellbender, but when she tries to put the rocket in a cage, the player is given the opportunity to rethink. Therefore, the last-minute audible sound was called, and I decided to sell Groot instead. The Guardian heads to the castle and the demonstration ends. In the final scene, things look terribly wrong as the team confronts Dweller in what looks like a boss battle, as Mrs. Hellbender told them to feast.

Guardians of the Galaxy seems to capture the look, feel, and tone of a beloved franchise, drawing its own path to distinguish it from the movies Marvel fans know and love. Eidos-Montrior team helps establish space incompatibility as a triple-A video game star when Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy appears on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC You can see that it is a target. October 26th.