Marvel’s larger cinematic universe explains the ending of the eternal race

Eternal race It’s a strange part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is based on obscure characters from one of the strangest background stories in the comics, and features a group of creation gods who look like huge, bulky robot toys.

So in some ways, it makes sense Eternal race This may be the strangest ending in a Marvel movie-it has an end scene for the last act, and a path to Eternal Race 2 (Or even bigger Avengers 5-ish cross event). Even so, the ending of the movie may even puzzle the biggest MCU fans.Here is how to start analyzing what happened at the end Eternal race, Based on the continuity of the movie and a little knowledge of comics.

[Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for Eternals.]

What is the ending of the Eternal Race?

Image: Marvel Studio

The last scene of the Eternal Race staged a blockbuster ensemble as usual. The great threat (the birth of Tiamut and the destruction of the earth) has been avoided, and our heroes need to resolve the impact of this battle on their relationship.

Icaris confessed himself for rebelling against Alisham, he threw himself into the sun. Jin Wu, who participated in the final battle, adopted Sprite-he is now just a mortal child with eternal memory, and he must take an ordinary human mobile phone to an ordinary human school. Circe and her normal human boyfriend Dyne Whitman are walking in the park.

Dane is about to post some shocking news about him on Sersi my own The dark secret, suddenly things are no longer so happy.

Celestial Arishem stands in the void of the Marvel eternal race.

Image: Marvel Studio

Arishem, the robot dad of Eternals, scooped Sersi and several other characters into space-some were involved in killing Tiamut, some were not involved, such as Kingo and Sprite. They are very naughty, they are so, so grounded. Arishem will take them away for a while, but said he will return to Earth at some point in the future to judge whether they are correct and whether the human potential is really more valuable than the potential of the world and galaxies. Tiamut may have been created.

Then the movie ends.

But what does this mean for Eternals 2?

Assessing the potential value or moral courage of the entire planet is one of the best known things about gods in Marvel comics.To some extent, the ending Eternal race It’s more like the way most Marvel comics superheroes meet the gods for the first time: as a huge and indescribable judge of the universe.

one Eternal raceThe ending scene further shows that the next time we see the Eternal Race, they will care about anything Arison’s plan, because Drug, Xina, and Makari have met several unusual allies and they say they can help They found the missing friend.That might be a sequel Eternal race, Or it could be something more.

After all, what is a greater threat than Thanos, the forsaken eternal? Well, there is always an almost omnipotent god who first created the eternal race. Over the years, Marvel writers have certainly found a way to combine the superhero universe with more cosmic elements.