Marvel’s new Doctor Strange comics gave him a brand new motivation

Al Youin and Javier Rodriguez Guard It has always been a gorgeous book, a supernatural play, in which Doctor Strange and some magically selected companions travel through the multiverse, seeking to stop the bad guys and collect a bunch of wild magic. But on this issue, Ewing and Rodriguez gave the characters a completely different power.

In fact, one might say that this is the basis of all comic magic.

Yes, I’m talking about the four-color printing process.

What else happened in our favorite comic page? We will tell you. Welcome to Monday Funnies, this is a list of the favorite books of Polygon’s weekly comic editor in the past week. It is partly a social page of superhero life, partly recommended for reading, and partly “look at this cool art”. There may be some spoilers. There may not be enough context. But there will be great comics. (If you missed the previous edition, please read this.)

Image: Alyouin, Javier Rodriguez/Marvel Comics

This is the metatext that moves me forward: The strength of this Avengers, Strange explained, comes from how they represent the fourth house of tarot cards and the secret fire, thus forming the five elements of the five-pointed star, the five. They are the “all colors” of magic-Rodriguez represented them as yellow, cyan, magenta, black, and white throughout the problem.

In other words, the four colors in the four printing processes combine to form all the colors on the printed page—and white, the color of the page itself. Whatta chef’s kiss.

Ratcatcher put a knife against Dr. Jocasta Joy's throat, explaining that he must eat the child to become a rat, so Amadeus Arkham would not be able to find him. She calmly tried to convince him until he was suddenly laughed at in Arkham City: World Order #1 (2021).

Image: Dan Watters, Dani/DC Comics

I like the first issue very much Arkham City: World Order, Thanks largely to the works of artist Dani and colorist Dave Stewart, who brought some real classics Sandman The resonance of the series.Most Arkham asylum stories are ultimately about how everyone who enters the asylum—including the staff—gets crazy from there, but World order It seems that the place it points to is different from that old well. I really want to know where it is.

A technical spider gadget unfolds and traps Spider-Man until he can't move.

Image: Zeb Wells, Patrick Gleason/Marvel Comics

I would say this The amazing spiderman #75 is a good place for new readers to pick up this book, but honestly…it really feels like a continuation of the run that Nick Spencer just ended. It is very dense and continuous. However, these quips are very good.

Image: Christopher Sebela, Kendall Goode/Oni Press

Garbage bag ecstasy Start with a premise: a bastard protagonist can hold restless souls in her mind, and make a living by unwillingly transporting ghosts chained to the place where they died.And then on the last page, as you can see above, things become more complicated.

The eternal Ajak and the Ghost Rider argued over how the Avengers used the corpse of the gods as their base camp in the Eternal Race: Kingdom of Heaven (2021).

Image: Kieron Gillen, Kei Zama / Marvel Comics

The Eternals are doing a bunch of solo shots, and the rest of their ongoing series are preparing for the second arc, and they are all very good. This week, the two eternal protoss faced the fact that the Avengers hollowed out the body of a god as their headquarters. This is rude.

All ten protagonists of

Image: James Tynion IV, Álvaro Martínez Bueno / DC Comics

This is just a horror comic owned by the creators of DC Beautiful house by the lake Still trying very hard to tear, especially art.

Illyana Rasputin/Magik killed one alien after another in flashes of blue, green, magenta, and purple, and then one of them pierced her with his claws, and she competed with her in New Mutant #22 (2021) The Shadow Kings floated together in the darkness.

Image: Vita Ayala, Rod Rais/Marvel Comics

When it comes to great art, Rod Reis is just killing it New mutant, Because these people are trapped in the fantasy of the Shadow King. Gorgeous and gorgeous works.