Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered PC – Recommended optimization settings provided by Digital Foundry

Digital Foundry gives Marvel’s Spider-Man Remake Running on PC, to help you get the best experience, we’ve included a chart with recommended optimization settings.

If you Go via linkyou’ll see graphs, and a breakdown of how each setting affects how good or bad the game is.

On PC, Marvel’s Spider-Man features ray-traced reflections at different quality levels, one of which is a new, higher-quality ray-traced mode that provides more urban detail.

The game supports Nvidia DLSS and Nvidia DLAA, an AI-based antialiasing mode for GeForce RTX gamers with GPU headroom.

There are multiple display ratios to choose from, including ultra-wide 21:9, panoramic 32:9 and Nvidia Surround multi-monitor setups. You can also choose other rendering systems such as SSAO, texture filtering, LoD quality, shadows, and more. The game supports windowed, fullscreen and exclusive fullscreen rendering modes.

In addition to PC graphics capabilities, there are a variety of peripherals and customization options. You can use the PlayStation DualSense wireless controller, mouse and keyboard, and Steam input, with plenty of remapping options.

Read the minimum and recommended specs here.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remake hits PC on August 12, with Miles Morales coming to PC this fall.