Marvel’s “What if…?” Get an amazing series of action figures from popular toys

Marvel’s recent “if…?” Animation series on Disney+ are quickly becoming a hot topic in the collectibles field. Following Funko’s continuous Pops series, Hot Toys is making 1/6 scale action figures based on popular shows.

Popular toys I am focusing on the episode “If… Captain Carter is the First Avenger” and will release three very detailed characters in it soon.

The first is Captain Carter. This doll has 28 joint points, interchangeable dark brown hair sculptors, and various hands that you can change when you want Carter to look relaxed, ready to fight, or holding a shield, sword, or pistol. The sculpture is 29 cm high. Now there is bad news: Hot Toys will not release it until the first or second quarter of 2023.

At that time, Carter can sit on the collectible shelf next to the towering Hydra Stomper. This doll has only 8 joints, but is 56 cm high, and is equipped with LED lights and arc-shaped reactors. The size of Hydra Stomper fits the figure of Steve Rogers. This version of Rogers has never received Super Soldier Serum.

Hot Toys also offers a new version of Spider-Man from the interesting “What if… Zombie?” episode. Spiderman has 30 joint points and various hands for combat, gestures, web shooting and web swings. He has six spider webs of different shapes and lengths that can be connected to the spider web shooter. Spider-Man was launched before the Captain Carter character and will be released in the third or fourth quarter of 2022.