Marvel’s “What if…?” is getting 11 Funko Pops, including several zombies

Funko has been rapidly introducing action dolls based on popular real estate to the market, and has been keeping up with the latest “if…?“A series on Disney+. Funko today released the “Assumption… Zombie?” based on the popular last week. “The five popular characters in the series. This wave of characters will be launched this winter, including Zombie Wanda, Zombie Captain America, Zombie Iron Man, Zombie Falcon and Zombie Hunter Spider-Man.

This awesome pop music series follows the characters based on the current four episodes of this animation festival. In the episode “If… Captain Carter is the First Avenger”, Funko released a plastic version of Hydro Stomper, a combination of Captain Carter and Captain Carter riding a Hydro Stomper. From the episode “What if… Techara Becomes a Star Lord”, you can add Techara Star Lord and Kamora to your collection shelf.

The third episode “What if… the world loses the strongest hero” did not get any numbers, but the follow-up episode “If… Doctor Strange lost his heart instead of his hand” has been tapped to give us a wizard New toys.

It is very likely that Funko will produce more “What If…” toys as a new episode of the series. You can view the entire series so far in the image gallery below: