Masahiro Sakurai detailed how Sora eventually became Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

We learned earlier this month that Sola in the Kingdom Hearts series will be The last DLC fighter added to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster, This is indeed a sight worth seeing.

At the press conference, Ultimate Director Masahiro Sakurai revealed that in a survey sent six years ago that asked players to list the characters they most want to see in Smash Bros., the number one response was also Sora.This is why It makes perfect sense for Sora to be the last warrior.

Sakurai talked about the difficulty of getting Sora into Smash in his secret. Nevertheless, the director’s latest bi-weekly column, Sakurai’s column 639: The final issue, reveals how complicated Nintendo’s process is.This is through the column translation from PixelJunk Community manager, passing by PushDustIn on Twitter, And translation KodyNOKOLO on Twitter.

“Despite his high demands, Sakurai believes that it is unlikely that Sora will enter Smash.” PushDustIn said in a Twitter post Explain the translated column in detail. “There is no doubt that the team involved in the Smash Bros negotiations also thought it was impossible. But one day, the opportunity came. At a certain awards location, Sakurai was fortunate to meet a Disney representative. They said that if Sora can come in All right.”

Sora’s joining seems to have started with this accidental encounter, which is reminiscent of the literal elevator propaganda that led to the creation of Kingdom Hearts. Happened during that journey).

“But that meeting alone cannot get Sora into Smash Bros.,” PushDustIn said on Twitter. “The executives may feel differently, and the negotiations may break down. After long and careful discussions with Square, Nintendo and Disney, they finally agreed.”

Sakurai said in the column that Warrior Pass 2 originally had only five fighters, just like the first Warrior Pass. However, once Sora was approved, Sakurai decided to add a sixth position to Fighter Pass 2. PushDustIn then hand over the translation Codino Colo, He went on to say that the ultimate development of Sora was jointly supervised by Disney and Square Enix, which meant that “he has many high barriers to joining and needs to follow many guidelines.”

“The first Sora model sent by the Smash team to Disney/SE is of very good quality, without many problems…just kidding,” Sakurai wrote in the column, according to KodyNOKOLO. “It’s quite difficult.”

The Ultimate development team has been shrinking for years — Ultimate’s entire DLC took about three years — and then COVID-19 had an impact on the development of DLC. Sakurai stated that developing DLC ​​is equivalent to developing a complete game. He also said that he thinks he will only play a few more games.

“Through Smash Ultimate, Sakurai feels that he can celebrate the game, and he is very happy that he has worked hard for it,” KodyNOKOLO wrote on Twitter. “Smash Ultimate is not an ordinary game, he is very happy to be able to work with many developers.”

You see-getting Sora into Ultimate is as challenging as most people think. However, the game is better for it.

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