Mass Effect 1 Beginner’s Guide, Tips, Tips

Whether you’re a veteran shepherd or a beginner in the series Mass effect Legendary Edition Combine all three titles into one epic adventure.You need to play the original to complete the entire series Mass effect the first.We know about the changes Legendary Edition The start of the game for the franchise is the same as before.

with this Mass Effect Legendary Edition A beginner’s guide will help you start the series with confidence. It provides tips on how to create characters for use throughout the trilogy and discusses classes, combat, and more.

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Pre-service history and psychological profile

When loading the original Mass effect, You need to create a profile for the character’s Commander Shepard. You can only choose between a male version and a modified version of the female version, but there are many options that affect your character’s personality.

many Mass effectThe story and folklore comes from hours of conversation with dozens of characters. Your shepherd’s history influences how you navigate the discussion and where your point of view comes from.

When creating a character, you need to select two options that affect the selection of the dialog. Pre-service history And Psychological profile.. Both of these options create a background story for the commander, change the character’s reaction to a particular situation, and change their remarks to a particular character.

Your background influences your dialogue
Image: BioWare / Electronic Arts via polygons

your Pre-service history I will explain how I became a soldier representing humankind.Select background as spacer You will be accustomed to traveling between spaceports with your military parents.As Settlers, You play a character who upset their simple life by the assailants who killed their family.As Earth Born, You instead decided to exchange your tough life on the streets of the city for military service.

your Psychological profile Decide how to understand and handle conflicts.As Only survivor, You have endured the physical and psychological distress that would destroy others.If you choose to be War heroThen you know what it’s like to line everything up to save the team, despite the impossible possibilities. A ruthless A shepherd is the kind of soldier who has a reputation for being able to get the job done, even if it has someone to watch out for.

Military specialty (class)

Your personality determines how you behave in conversation, but your personality Military specialty Determines performance in combat.You can consider each choice as a different class Mass effect space. Each discipline focuses on a single combat capability or a mixture of the two.

These classes determine your strength in three categories, changing your accessible abilities.

  • Classes that focus on Biotics Allows you to use special attacks that confuse and confuse your enemies. You can also shield yourself and your party members.
  • Technology-Oriented classes allow you to hack security systems, disable enemy weapons, and change equipment.
  • Classes focused on weapons You will have more weapons to use and access to higher quality armor.

Mass Effect military screen

These disciplines determine your combat skills
Image: BioWare / Electronic Arts via polygons

When choosing a military specialty, consider which of these three aspects of combat suits your playing style.

on the other hand Adept Only light armor can be used and can be specialized for pistols. Make up for this with powerful abilities. This class has more powerful commands for the talent to throw objects and enemies around the battlefield. You can also protect yourself from damage to compensate for the lack of physical protection.

Engineer They can only wear light armor and wield pistols, but they are masters of technical skills. They succeed in battle by destroying enemy weapons and destroying shields. Hacking locked boxes and security systems is also much easier in this class.

TheĀ· Infiltrator Combine weapons and technical skills to send enemies far away. They can use their abilities to influence enemies from a distance while using their sniper rifle specialties to pick enemies.

Sentinel Combine biological and technical capabilities to help their allies. Their skills give them several options to damage their enemies while protecting themselves and their party. They will have to take advantage of their dual talent set, as they do not have the type of weapon they are good at.

If you want to master all the weapons available in the game Soldier.. They can use heavy armor. This allows you to enter combat with strong protection while mixing short-range, medium-range, and long-range damage from your assortment of guns.

Pioneer I am good at approaching using enemy skills. They combine biotics and weapons expertise to shatter enemy defenses and enhance their superior abilities with shotguns to get the job done.

Unlock new skills

While playing Mass effect, You can earn experience points. Adding points to each section of your talent will increase the strength of that skill. For example, throwing a biological skill will do more damage the more skill points you put into it.

You can also add skill points to your talent to unlock new skills when you reach a certain skill point threshold. Locked skills will be darkened. To unleash new talent, you need to develop more skills.

Mass Effect level up screen

Level up your talents and unlock new skills
Image: BioWare / Electronic Arts via polygons

To access locked talent, Continue adding points to the skill above it until you upgrade the skill using the plus (+) sign in that talent section. Doing so will unlock the skills below it.

When you set up your game for the first time, you can choose to add skill points manually or let the game add skill points automatically. If you need more manual control over the talent and how to unlock it, you need to set this process to manual. When set to automatic, the game will evenly distribute the points. However, if you want to use a particular build or playstyle, you should level up your skills manually.

How dialogue works

Talking to other characters Mass effect experience. The personality you develop when you create a character affects certain dialog options throughout the game. Most of these features don’t have a big impact on the story itself, but the decisions you make can give you unique reactions and dialogue options when talking to others.

Conversation with Mass effect Occurs via a branch dialog tree. When you start chatting with someone, you’ll see several options that appear on the circular selection wheel. Choosing an option facilitates the conversation based on what you choose. Some options move the discussion to that conclusion, while others allow you to learn more about the topics mentioned by another character.

Mass Effect Dialog Tree

Ask a question and the conversation will continue
Image: BioWare / Electronic Arts via polygons

The choices to the left of the circle usually expand and facilitate the conversation. In most cases, you will see the following options: Investigate or ask questions about something Mentioned in your discussion. From there, you’ll see a new set of options where you can dig deeper and learn more about what your character said.These choices are usually based on character folklore and history. Mass effect space.

The choice to the right of the circle usually leads to ending the conversation topic. There is no penalty for ending a conversation early, so don’t feel obliged to squeeze every bit of the conversation out of everyone.

Paragon And rebellion, charm and intimidation

Depending on how you act in the situation, you will earn points towards you Paragon And Renegade alignment. The choices that affect Paragon’s status are usually kind, empathetic, and helpful. Decisions that affect Renegade’s status are usually ruthless, dangerous, or revengeful.

The more choices you make in either placement, the higher the skill level of the two abilities. charm And Intimidate.. Adding skill points to either of these two talents gives you access to dialogue options that fit either coordination, giving you more conversation options that can resolve conflicts calmly or violently.

Mass Effect status menu

The status of Paragon and Renegade is displayed on the left side.
Image: BioWare / Electronic Arts via polygons

Adding skill points to the Charms and Menacing Talent Pool not only increases the Paragon and Renegade dialog options, but also increases the strength of the other two passive stats. The more charm points you have, the more discounts you will get when you shop at the store. Earn more credits when selling items by adding points to your menacing talent.

Control your squad with squad orders

When Squad order, You can tell your team who to attack and where to place themselves. You can control the location and abilities of your teammates, issue commands to move your squad on the battlefield, and determine the weapons and skills your teammates will use.

Mass Effect squad command

Use these commands to move your squad
Image: BioWare / Electronic Arts via polygons

These commands allow you to focus your fire on a single target or distribute your squad. This is useful if you are pinned and cannot safely attack yourself. By controlling your squad, you can attack important targets without harm.

You can also choose the abilities to use at the party Power wheel, You will see a list of your abilities and your team’s abilities. You can aim and fire your talent in this menu.

Mass Effect power wheel

Your power on the bottom, squad on the side
Image: BioWare / Electronic Arts via polygons

When the power wheel is activated, the time will be slowed down. This gives you the freedom to navigate your combat options and target your abilities. With the menu open, you can use your talents and the skills of your teammates. If you select and use a command, time will flow again.

Controlling everyone’s skills can help you fight confusedly and effectively when your talent is fired, especially if you have a well-balanced team. For example, you may want to control the biological skills of your teammates to shield the party, and control the skills of your tech teammates to negate your enemies. You can roam the battlefield and shoot enemies while protecting your team and confusing your enemies.

If you don’t want to manually control when your team uses your skill, you can let your team use your skill automatically by visiting the following URL: Options> Squad power usage.. You can use this selection to manually control your teammate’s talents, but if left unchecked, your teammate’s skills will be used based on the options you select.

Mass Effect team selection screen

Choose a squad to conclude your team’s strengths
Image: BioWare / Electronic Arts via polygons

To balance your team’s talents, keep an eye on your team’s expertise when starting a mission. Like you, your teammates have a variety of talents that they are good at. Each character has a different focus on biological, technical, and weapon skills.

Each time you start a mission, you can choose who will participate. Select a team member to see how the current team’s capabilities are stacked. Always choose a party to offset the talent you can’t master. A more balanced team offers the best set of options when dealing with the dangers of each mission.