Mass Effect Best Armor | Legendary Edition’s Best Armor

Difficulty trying to recommend Best armor About each game Mass effect The trilogy does not actually include unexploded ordnance armor. That’s all good, but how useful each piece is personally depends on your character class and playstyle preferences.

However, this guide covers some of the sets and pieces included in the Legendary Edition. These stand out thanks to their extremely high status, popularity with players, and other interesting features.

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How armor works in Mass Effect 1

In the first Mass Effect game, armor is divided into three types: light, medium, and heavy. Most armor sets are available in all three types, but there are various stats that highlight the possible playstyles of the character class in which they can be worn.

  • Light armor: Light Armor is the default armor that can be used in all playable character classes except the Soldier class. Some classes are limited to light armor throughout the game. Sentinel, Adept, and Engineers can only use Light Armor, but the latter two can leverage the talent of Basic Armor to improve their effectiveness.
  • Medium armor: Soldiers start with medium armor by default, but vanguard and infiltrator class characters will be able to access it by increasing their tactical armor talent to level 7.
  • Heavy armor: Heavy Armor can only be used by Soldier-class characters and can only be used if the Combat Armor talent has been increased to 7 points or higher.

With almost every armor set in the game Damage protection and shield Changing from light armor to medium armor and medium armor to heavy armor will gradually improve, but Technology and bioprotection, It gets worse as the level gets higher.

The best armor in ME1

The· Scorpion Armor It’s a staple in the first half of the game, especially for classes that need to stick to light armor. It is available relatively early in the game and, from a statistical point of view, is comfortably placed at the high end of all light armor sets.

However, if you want to change things later in the game, Predator Armor.. It will be available from the Normandy Recruiting Officer when the Shepherd reaches around level 50.

The· Predator LThe (ight) type is probably the best option if you’re playing as a class limited to light armor, but characters with access to more powerful armor types are still good for tracking. Predator M / H For their strong shield and extraordinarily high tech / biotics protection.

Beyond these notable armors, choosing the right armor for you is when you identify the effect you want to promote most in your build.The· Colossus armor It has the best damage protection of all armor in the game, with the same breath as the Predator type, and is often referred to as the best armor of all types of ME1.

on the other hand, Crisis and danger armor The set (with the same stats) boasts the best shield stats. And when it comes to technology and biotechnology protection (and so on) Freedom and hoplite armor It’s solidly half-hearted in other areas, but unmatched.

How armor works in Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 has eliminated light, medium and heavy armor, and now has customizable and non-customizable armor sets, as well as various bonus sets that were originally DLC.

For this reason, much is said about game defaults. N7 Armor set. Don’t be fooled by your status as starting armor. Designed as the only full armor set available to players entering ME2 without installing add-ons, it is worth upgrading Shepherd’s base armor.

Therefore, it is extremely flexible, fully customizable, and allows you to replace pieces when you find what you specifically need without disassembling the entire set.

The best armor set in ME2

Thanks to the Legendary Edition, which incorporates what was originally DLC into the main game, you’ll have access to some powerful items at no extra cost.

Not surprisingly, this is the original work of Premium DLC, which really stands out as the best armor set in ME2.

Kestrel Armor (Originally part of the Aegis Pack DLC) has one significant advantage over other sets in the game. It is to provide multiple effects when equipped. Kestrel Armor is a great all-rounder, while other armor sets and pieces tend to focus on boosting certain areas.

Its best feature is that when all five pieces are equipped, melee damage is increased by 30% and shield strength is increased by 25%, but headshot damage, weapon damage, and ammo capacity for heavy weapons. Will also improve significantly.

In addition, this is one of the game’s two fully customizable armor sets (the other is the N7). That is, you can equip the pieces individually as needed. So not only do you have some of the best stats in the game, but it’s also one of the most flexible builds you can access.

Mass Effect 2 Best Armor Piece

Kestrel armor is definitely hard to beat as a set, but the game has one individual armor piece that can do it for that money.The· Strength boost pad Shoulder armor can be purchased from the Omega Market after completing the Horizon mission.

Equipping them increases melee damage by 25%. This is the maximum effect given by the individual armor pieces in the game. Of course, if you’re playing a class that specializes in long-range combat, its usefulness is limited. However, it is certain to seduce especially Solider and Vanguard players.

Finally, one of the key benefits that we haven’t touched on yet is health.In my money, the best armor for this effect Life support webbing, Equipped in the leg slot. This piece can be purchased from Citadel’s Silta Foundation and will increase your health by 10% when equipped. This is the maximum health boost from a single armor in the game.

In addition, the effects of leg armor pieces tend to be easier to hold than boosting areas that are essential to core builds. Therefore, it is well worth considering increasing health at the expense of ammo capacity and speed.

How armor works in Mass Effect 3

More than any other game in the trilogy, ME3’s best armor set is very subjective. Character classes and preferred playstyles have always played a role in deciding which armor set is best for you, but in ME3, the main question is to ask yourself when choosing armor.

The game spans many armor sets that were locked to a special edition or were only available in the DLC of the previous game, but with some customization elements that made ME2’s armor system very versatile. It’s also worth noting that it holds.

Therefore, the default for this game N7 ArmorIt’s still very good (it gives you a really impressive 50% health bonus!), But it’s designed to cover all the bases as the base game player actually had the option this time around. Not.

Best armor for ME3 close quarters battle class

Your character class Soldier or vanguard, Or if you prefer close-up combat in gameplay, Collector armor It is a good set to aim. Taken over from the ME2 DLC (unlike Kestrel Armor, which unfortunately doesn’t reappear), Collector Armor gives a 20% boost to shields, shield regeneration, and health each.

This is a set of balanced essential effects for shepherds who put themselves in that thickness during combat, especially if they are confident that they can handle aggressive effects without the need for armor boosts. ..

The best armor for ME3 support class

For more hands-off classes like Sentinel, Adept, Engineer, Blood dragon The set provides a decent amount of protection while supporting power-focused combat.

(Notable for fashion-conscious shepherds, the set (which debuted in ME2 as a reward for players who also own Dragon Age: Origins) looks absolutely crazy like hell, Probably invincible in terms of style points. Actual stats for Mass Effect, but almost guaranteed to feel cool while wearing.)

However, if you are confident in your ability to protect yourself, Inferno Armor Do more for your power damage and recharge at the expense of shield boosts (and great dragon decals).

The best armor for the ME3 remote class

Infiltrator It’s a bit unique here because the best approach for them is to mix a little.

This class likes sniper rifles, so Kuwai visor A + 10% headshot is definitely a good start.

However, if you want your hands-off hacker to be truly deadly from long distances, Armax Arsenal The set (especially the shoulders and arms) stacks an additional 20% on top of it. It leaves you free foot and chest slots to equip you with any boost effect you desire and gives your sniper shepherd a truly horrifying amount of accuracy with their weapon of choice.