Mass Effect Best Weapon | Legendary Edition’s Best Weapon

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Includes a huge number of weapons for you to play, including all single-player DLC weapons from the original trilogy.With this amount of choice, it can be difficult to determine exactly what The best weapon It is in each game.

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As with the best armor, it’s hard to say which weapon is the best. Your preferred playstyle, and ultimately your character class, will determine which weapon type your shepherd should specialize in — and may limit your access to some weapons. not.

However, we’ve been exploring a wide range of Mass Effect vendors and merchants, and have come up with a list of some of the best weapons available in the Legendary Edition.

Mass Effect 1 Best Weapon: How to Unlock Specter – Master Gear Range

The original Mass Effect has a simple answer to the question of which weapon is best for you. Specter-Master Gear set.

The Specter-Master Gear Set covers the entire range of original Mass Effect weapon types. Weapons in the set are pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles. So no matter what character class you choose to play with, there are definitely Specter items that you need to work on to earn.

The main drawback of these weapons is that they are very difficult to obtain. Not only are there only a few vendors offering them, such as the Normandy Requisitions Officer and their C-Sec counterparts, but the actual items in the game are very limited.

(Further frustratingly, the DLC — Pinnacle Station — which made them a little easier to obtain couldn’t be included in the Legendary Edition due to technical issues.)

Like all items in the game, Specter weapons are technically offered at 10 levels. However, you can only access levels VII and X without using cheats.

To access Level VII, you need to accumulate over 1 million credits and unlock “rich” achievements.

To access Level X, you must save all cash and be at least Level 50 to achieve it. These are really prestigious items.

However, at level X, Specter’s weapons definitely have the best stats in the game. Inflicts basic damage from the 200’s to the 300’s, with up to 91 accuracy, making it easier than ever to get through your enemies.

To unlock the Specter-Master Gear range in the first playthrough, you should spend as little money as possible. Therefore, if you really need a Specter weapon for the first time, you only need to clean the item and buy it from a merchant if it is unavoidable. It’s difficult but feasible, and the reward is access to the best weapons you can get into the endgame.

Mass Effect 2 Best Weapon

Mass Effect 2 makes subtle but important changes to the weapon list compared to the first game. The sequel adds two new weapon categories — Submachine gun and heavy weapons — And the pistol is replaced by Heavy pistol..

However, there is no equivalent to the Specter-Master Gear range. As a result, the question of which weapon is best is not that simple.

The best heavy pistol in ME2

If you are playing as Heavy pistol It is advisable to pack specialist, main and backup weapons. None of the game pistols are particularly exciting when compared to other types of weapons, M-5 Phalanx It does relatively high damage and can be used with 100% accuracy thanks to the built-in laser sight.

And no matter what weapon you choose, it’s worth keeping M-6 Carnifex As your backup. Like Phalanx, its damage is very high, but its slow rate of fire and small magazine capacity make it ideal for use as a secondary weapon when it first runs out of ammo.

The best shotgun in ME2

As the name implies M-22 Eviscerator Is Shotgun It can do really annoying damage when used at close range, but it’s actually pretty good over distance. Its large magazine and fast rate of fire mean it can survive enemies with far less rest than other weapons of this type.

Originally a DLC item, it is available in the Legendary Edition with Mordin.

The best assault rifle in ME2

The· Guess pulse rifle Is absolutely overwhelmed as Assault rifle.. With a very high rate of fire and ammo capacity, it is arguably one of the best weapons in the game. However, it can be very difficult to procure. You must play on hardcore or crazy difficulty and complete the Tari recruitment mission.

Fortunately, M-96 Mattock It’s about as good and much easier to get. This earlier DLC weapon is easily available for purchase at Legendary Edition Omega.

The best sniper rifle in ME2

The· M-98 Widow Ultimate sniper rifle If you are playing as a soldier or infiltrator. You can only fire one shot before you need to reload, but the damage is so great that you rarely need a second shot often. It is also strong against shields and biotics.

Unfortunately, the four character classes are locked out permanently inaccessible. For everyone else M-92 Mantis, This does almost the same thing as a widow, without being completely overwhelmed.

The best submachine gun in ME2

It’s fair to say that SMG Not the most popular weapon type among Mass Effect players. However, if you are playing a class that specializes in submachine guns, you may become swearing to submachine guns.

One problem is knowing whether to fire at a short distance or from a distance. For close-up SMG combat M-9 Tempest Its very high rate of fire and ability to fire make it ideal for clearing groups of enemies if they get too close.

On the other hand, if you need accuracy for the entire distance, throw away the Tempest altogether. M-12 Locust instead of. This weapon has little effect at close range, but is very accurate at long range.

The best heavy weapons in ME2

The· Collector particle beam Almost ridiculous and powerful Heavy weapons.. Its accuracy, ammunition capacity, and range pass through the roof. Strong against enemy shields and barriers. Friendly Fire No damage, so it can be used at close range to surrounding squads.

The only real drawback is that the beam requires a constant line of sight to do damage. This can turn out to be dangerous at higher difficulty levels.

Mass Effect 3 Best Weapon

Mass Effect 3 makes some tweaks to the weapon system. Most notable heavy weapons Are no longer inventory items, but instead are limited-use pickups locked to the particular mission in which they appear. Therefore, we do not recommend our favorites here.

The best heavy pistol in ME3

Like ME2 M-6 Carnifex I have it as a secondary weapon of ME3. Its high accuracy and damage stats are worth maintaining, even if it still has a relatively low rate of fire and capacity.

Still, if you plan to carry a heavy pistol as your primary weapon, Carnifex will be slightly defeated by the newly introduced ones. M-358 Talon.. This pistol boasts a great deal of precision, a blend of revolver-inspired rotating magazines and shotgun-strength pellet ammunition. Naturally, the damage is not eavesdropped either.

The best shotgun in ME3

The· M-300 Claymore heavy Shotgun Is one of the most punchy weapons in Mass Effect. In ME2, it’s also clear from the fact that only soldiers and vanguards (and Crogan NPCs) had the strength to actually use it.

However, ME3’s new and improved Claymore design removes these restrictions and is now available in all character classes. It has incredibly high damage (only Black Widow can actually beat it with all weapon types!) — Cumbersome and at the expense of having to reload after every shot pay. Still, if you can count it, it’s one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

The best assault rifle in ME3

The Guess Pulse Rifle is much easier to get back in ME3, but not as powerful as its ME2 counterpart.

So for your ME3 Assault rifle It is recommended to go straight if necessary M-96 Mattock This time. This is a hybrid weapon that offers the benefits of assault rifle rapid fire, but also the damage handling capabilities of a sniper rifle.

The best sniper rifle in ME3

The· Black widow sniper rifle Is an improved version of the M-98 Widow that can be purchased from the Citadel Embassy (unlike ME2, neither version is class specific). You can fire three shots instead of one before reloading at a relatively low cost of less damage per shot compared to the more basic model. However, it’s still more likely to be damaged than other semi-automatic rifles in the game and is virtually essential if you’re playing as an infiltrator.

The best submachine gun in ME3

Two great SMG, Dignity also appears in ME3, and it is difficult to choose either, so we recommend both!

The· N7 hurricane And that M-12 Locust In reality, they are not particularly similar except for weight, damage and ammo capacity. The hurricane firing rate is absolutely staggering, but the accuracy is low and the locust provides a decent balance.

What is certain is that they are jointly invincible with almost every other submachine gun in the game. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to see which one you like, it’s a good idea to experiment.

The best grenade in ME3

As if to make up for the limitations of ME3 heavy weapons Grenade Receive a major overhaul. It’s not yet an equipable weapon, but in the final game of the trilogy, the number of grenades offered will increase from 2 to 14.

You can find a grenade that suits your needs in almost every situation, but for the visual spectacle (and considerable damage to each affected enemy), it is advisable to use biopower. Cluster grenade.. If you find yourself surrounded by enemies, it’s very useful for spreading them out a bit or scraping the health bar while you’re at them.