Mass effect intersects without man’s sky

It’s always fun to see game developers who have a clear appreciation for each other’s work get together to hold a fun crossover event. To celebrate the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Hello Games is adding Mass Effect’s SSV Normandy SR1 to No Man’s Sky.

Last week, Hello Games led the community on a journey to uncover new secrets tied to an object called a historic dosimeter. Today, the community will see their expedition lead to Normandy. The ship looks great, and you have to assume that Commander Shepard and the crew are in it.

Time is important if you want to see this majestic ship (and add it to your fleet forever). The crossover event will end on May 31st. Yes, it only takes 10 days to complete the mission. For some reason, this kind of event never lasts long. The same thing happened with Assassin’s Creed in FINAL FANTASY XV and Predator in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Hello Games’ Sean Murray outlined his excitement for crossovers as follows: letter To the community. “”We are thrilled and pleased that BioWare and EA have given such respect.As a big fan In the series, it’s a nice moment for science fiction fans.It’s a very exciting time for Mass Effect, so many people discover and rediscover this amazing universe Release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition. “

According to Hello Games, there will be more surprises related to No Man’s Sky’s 5th anniversary in the near future. Is it possible that another licensed crossover is underway? Star Wars and Star Trek are great additions, but too many pop culture nods can take away from the artistic vision that Hello Games has been working hard to establish. Anyway, this is a hell of a surprise, and Normandy fits perfectly with No Man’s Sky design.