Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Cave Exploration 2, etc. will be available on Xbox Game Pass this month

Are you ready to dive into a suicide mission that can save mankind? Are you ready to sacrifice everything to kiss an alien whose face you may never see? Do you want to be irrationally frustrated with the control of a cowardly little lunar rover? Well, you are lucky: Mass Effect Legend coming soon Xbox Game Pass this week.

As early as 2021, we have repeatedly heard that BioWare and Microsoft are preparing to deploy the highly regarded space opera sci-fi trilogy for consoles and PCs on Xbox Game Pass, because the game appeared on the Polish Microsoft Store under the Game Pass badge, and fans Our data mining evidence shows that it is on the Microsoft Store.Every new post On Xbox Online, The Legend of Mass Effect will be available on PC Game Pass and Ultimate via EA Play on January 6. This means that you need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate account or a separate EA Play subscription to access games through the service.

The Legendary Edition includes single player basic content and more than 40 DLC from the acclaimed Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 games, including promotional weapons, armors and bags-reworked and optimized for 4K. If you plan to return to the world of Mass Effect Legends, you may want to check out our guide, which includes an overview of the best weapons, best armors, best character classes, and more.

This is not all. In the next few weeks, we will also provide a large number of new games for Xbox Game Pass. The Xbox Wire post also announced Cave exploration 2 – A challenging roguelike platform game known for sadism and freedom – will be launched on the console and PC on January 13th.

Spelunky 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed roguelike platform game, which received near-universal praise when it was launched in 2008. This follow-up game provides all the best parts of the original, plus more content-definitely worth playing on Xbox Game Pass if you have never experienced it before. If you don’t believe me, check out the Spelunky 2 review roundup.

Elsewhere, Xbox Game Pass users can expect Outer Wilds to return to the service on the cloud, console and PC on January 6. Embr-where you and your friends fight for profit in unpredictable and crazy multiplayer melee-join the same platform on the same day.

Earlier today, we noticed that Xbox Game Pass got three new surprise games on Xbox, PC and Cloud in the form of Gorogoa, Olija and The Pedestrian. You can read more about these in the link.