Mass Effect Legendary Edition finally fixes a weird human NPC that seems to be Turian

To be honest, the original Mass Effect trilogy had a lot of bugs, some pacing issues, and some other odds and ends that I might have been able to make a few tweaks to. Fortunately, Mass Effect Legendary Edition has tweaked things like fixing possible mistakes in certain NPCs that were literally wrong races. please listen.

Those who played the first game may remember an NPC named Elanos Haliat. In the original trilogy, this character was human, but it didn’t make sense given the context surrounding his character. According to Vanilla’s first game, Hariat is a pirate and a well-known leader in the Terminus system outside the scope of the law. When the player met him, it became clear that he was at the forefront of the invasion of Elysium against humans (those who opt-in to Shepherd’s Warhero profile will be familiar with this).

Since Elysium is a human colony, he could not be said to lead an attack on this particular area. Not unheard of, but if enough credits are on the line, Omega proves that there is no racial loyalty, but the way the character interacts diminishes is strange to him being human. It made me feel. Maybe this has been a long time since it was theorized to be some kind of glitch. The timelines were also inconsistent, apart from the fact that the humans attacking the human colony were a little sick.It’s hard to imagine an alien race rallying out of the first contact war between Turian and humans. behind Humans, even if the cause is harming other humans.

Still, do I believe the original was a bit weird in this side quest? His name alone refers directly to Turiantech, but why? Thankfully, this has been fixed, and the Mass Effect Legendary Edition has changed the look of Haliat to become Turian instead of human, making the whole quest much more rational, and the world makes sense again.

That’s not the only thing that has been fixed or changed in a particularly good way. A more comprehensive list of detailed changes will soon be available, but the overall adjustments have had a significant impact. These positive changes can be felt especially in the first game, but in the second and third there is also the magic that they offer regarding remastering adjustments. For more information on Mass Effect Legendary Edition, please visit our dedicated hub.

Have you had the opportunity to ride Normandy again in Mass Effect Legendary Edition? What do you think of the above changes? Listen to your thoughts in the comments section below!