Mass Effect: Legendary Edition reminded me of the pain of failed outcomes.

Is there anything worse than a failed outcome?

When you replay the trilogy Mass Effect Legendary Edition, I’m doing something I haven’t really done for a long time. It’s achievement hunting.

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In the days of the Xbox 360, I was taking this whole activity more seriously. In a game I liked a little bit, I regularly got 1000 gamer scores. I was an achievementist. From time to time, I was looking for a completely crappy game just to get their results done. I’m ashamed to say that there is even a notorious avatar game where I can earn all 1000 points in about 5 minutes with my account. I rented it – when it was natural to rent a game.

Anyway, I won’t do that anymore. As we approach the end of the 360 ​​generation, the brilliance of our achievement system has diminished. By the time we got the Xbox One, we didn’t care anymore. The same applies to PlayStation trophies. But with the advent of the Xbox Series X and S, I’ve been playing more Xboxes … so I’ve been worried about achievements from time to time.

Recently, my “Chibo Hunting” has been limited to my favorite games. It became a proud dish. This game is important to me, so I will leave 100% achievements. For example, I decided to cover all the achievements of FINAL FANTASY 7 and 8. I’m currently doing the same with Perfect Dark, Nier Automata, and Sonic Mania. I love Mass Effect Trilogy, so I planned to cover 100% of them in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition-just like I did in the original three games.

That was the plan. But that may not be possible now. Because the implementation of a particular outcome of BioWare looks, well, crushed.

Looking at reddit, twitter, and various other communities, the problematic achievements seem to be primarily Insanity 1, 2, and 3 achievements, and paired Paramour 1, 2, and 3 achievements. These are rewarded for completing Mass Effect games on the most difficult difficulty levels and engaging in character romance in each of the three games.

The bug seems to be worse on the Xbox than on the PlayStation, but it can happen on both. They seem to occur relatively randomly. And when they happen, they get angry. Mass Effect 1 and 2 are less sophisticated when it comes to combat. Therefore, it is a real pain to experience madness in ME2 and not get results.

For me, glitches have come to the fore as a result of Paramor’s romance. These are weird words that call for “establishing or rekindling a romantic relationship in the two Mass Effect Legendary Edition games.” This suggests that you may be able to carry romance through all three games, but don’t count it as a Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC Liara in ME2 or ME3 – in fact. To perform all three parts in one trilogy, you need to fool an established partner. The act of maintaining loyalty to Riara at ME2 and returning to Riara at 3 is incompatible with these achievements. It’s also about loyalty to Thane to the end. That’s a shame, and that’s exactly what I wanted the trilogy remaster to recognize.

It’s a bad design, but there’s a flaw on it. For many players, Paramour 2 can’t be played at all. If you choose cheats in ME2, you’re back to the romantic interests of the past that are back available in ME3. For me, Parameter 3 was triggered, but Parameter 2 was not. I was put in some sort of purgatory where I could get three romantic scenes but not two. Please fix this now.

And the strangest thing is that I enjoy and love to replay these games, but it seriously undermines my desire to continue digging deeper into the ME trilogy. It’s something worse than a frustrating crash or loss of progress. Some of the rewards, though minor, feel like they’re locked forever.

Hopefully something like this will be patched, at least to save the players coming in from this frustration. Hopefully the patch can also catch up with snooker, like me. But is it frustrating?