Massive Back 4 Blood patch brings offline progress, rebalances all three difficulties, etc.

today, 4 blood backThe last update of this year was launched on all platforms. This is a major patch, promised as early as November, it has many functions requested by players, as well as a thorough reform of the difficulty of the game.

The December update will be live today 10 a.m. Pacific time, 1 p.m. EST, 6 p.m. UK On PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

The biggest new addition is the official arrival of the offline campaign process, allowing players to play the full campaign-and make progress-without an internet connection. This is what many people have been asking since the release.

The patch also introduces a new card type.Is called Burn card, These can be obtained from the new Roving Merchants Supply Lines (available for a limited time). Burning cards can be played in every safe room, and they provide temporary effects such as monetary rewards, resistance enhancements, and instant healing. You can even expect other regular cards to join the roster.

Another major new addition to this patch is the complete rebalancing of the three difficulty levels of Back 4 Blood.While playing recruit, You will notice that every time you continue, there are higher damage resistance, more currency rewards, healing rewards, and trauma healing rewards.

veteran The fire damage of its allies has been adjusted. Players’ basic health, damage, and ammunition have also been increased. By default, you will also heal wounds in each safe room, and you will get more currency, as well as greater healing rewards. The first aid cabinet now also supports two free use. Finally, remind the sleeper that the Horde will no longer be summoned.

nightmare Most of the changes have been seen. Like veterans, friendly fire damage has also been adjusted. Special riding skills now deal significantly less damage to players, as do normal riding skills. The first aid cabinet can now be used once for free, and the penalty for trauma caused by the hat has been reduced to 5 times. When attacked, you will be less tripped by nightmares.

Nightmare has more balance adjustments, including healing, currency, trauma healing, drawing cards, and ammo rewards.

Turtle Rock has adjusted a special refresh rate ride Overall, and balanced some of them, so when you encounter them it will not be so frustrating. This applies both to the few that spawn in groups, and to the roaming Ridden that you may encounter while exploring.

Once the patch goes live, the game’s holiday seasonal events will begin. You will notice Fort Hope and the decorations in the range, not to mention a bunch of new character skins, weapon skins, badges and sprays that can be unlocked.Go to Official Back 4 Blood website For the complete change log-this is a juicy log!

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