Massive used Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora touts open-world Star Wars games

After seeing Avatar, Disney was convinced that Massive was the right partner for the Star Wars game.

Exposure Avatar: Pandora Frontier The event at Ubisoft Forward was one of the most amazing moments of the E32021. I knew the game had been in development for years, but now no one expected it to appear.

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One more thing you may not notice is that Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier was also used to market another game, Star Wars, that division developer Massive wanted to make. According to Sean Shoptaw, SVP of Walt Disney Games IGN The Disney was sold in a studio feature, seeing Pandora’s frontier in action.

“After the acquisition of Fox, the first time I met Massive around Avatar games was the starting point for Star Wars games,” recalls Shoptoe.

“Because there was such coordination and creative passion around the Star Wars IP from that team, it’s a natural evolution to the relationship, and it really is in the Star Wars game we announced a while back. I was connected. “

A large-scale Star Wars game, like Pandora’s frontier, becomes an open world. Massive didn’t explicitly exclude multiplayer, but the Star Wars project, like Pandora’s frontier, touted story-driven games.

As to why the game is an open world, Shoptaw explained that this style of game is lacking in Star Wars and one Disney wants to offer. Massive agreed and the two got together very well.

“We certainly had a desire for open-world Star Wars games,” he said. It did not come exclusively from Massive.

“They certainly had a passion for it, which made it much easier to get the conversation going. But we know what you outlined, right? We’ve been asking fans for a long time. I know what I’ve been doing and what I’ve been hoping for. “

Avatar: Pandora Frontier will be available in 2022 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. The Star Wars project has no release target yet.