Maya has a happy connection with the big-nosed witch of the trio

Netflix’s animated series Maya and the Three It is a fantasy epic of a world inspired by Central America. The creator and husband and wife team Jorge Gutiérrez and Sandra Equihua drew their nine-episode animation epics from various myths and visual inspirations of Maya, Inca, and Aztec. legend.

“How do I crack that myth?” Gutierrez recalled. “In all the myths I have read, women are often sleeping princesses, victims, or witches. How do we—with respect for the myth—how do we change it to reflect today?”

The modern update is not only reflected in the female protagonists such as the warrior princess Maya and the skilled archer Chimi, but also in the specific appearance of the show. Gutiérrez and Equihua painted many mythological figures directly from the cultures they investigated—just as Gutiérrez painted existing myths for his work. 2014 animated film Book of life ——Many of their character designs are from popular movies, TV and video games. This gives a unique modern advantage to the originally eternal fantasy environment. For example, Maya’s design was influenced by Li Chun. Street fighter, With the splash Princess from Planetary war When it comes to her warrior armor. The burly warrior Bhikkhu has elements of Conan the barbarian. At the same time, Rooster Wizard Rico was inspired by Gutiérrez’s favorite artist, Basquiat.

Picture: Netflix

However, there is one design that really stands out among all the powerful warriors: Gran Bruja (voiced by Queen Latifah), the witch demon of Rooster Island, has a twisted nose, huge bulbous, and discoloration. When asked about this at the press conference, Equihua burst into giggles before I could finish asking.

“We had a fight about this!” Equihua smiled.

It turns out that although Equiha and Gutiérrez collaborated well on most of the shows, the character’s nose eventually became the focus of controversy. Exaggerating Bruja’s nose is Gutiérrez’s way of paying tribute to his two biggest influencers.

“I like Looney Tunes very much. And Witch hazel, Beautifully designed witch hazel, has a crazy nose. I like that design. “Gran Brujah” literally means “great witch”,” Gutiérrez explained. “So when I designed her, I thought,’I will be the biggest and craziest nose I can make. ‘I also like Sergio Aragones, he has a The character named Gru. So I was basically inspired by these two things. I drew her-it was crazy. “

“it is double scale! Equihua interrupted him. “She literally Drag It, I thought,’we are no Do this. We are going to cut it! One day I chopped it too much. Jorge almost threw my table at me, he was so angry. She smiled. “I thought,’You know what, let’s compromise and walk halfway.” ‘”

In the end, the person who decides Gran Brujah’s appearance is the voice actor herself: Queen Latifah.

“I showed it to Queen Latifah and told her the whole story,” Gutierrez recalled. “She was like,’Oh yes, man, I like this.'”

Maya and the Three Now on Netflix.