McDonald’s chicken nuggets are on sale on eBay for over 34,000 among us

McDonald’s chicken nuggets shaped like the crew of a hit mafia-style game Among us Listed on eBay on Friday. There are still bids at the time of publication, but there are currently more than $ 34,000 bids on the nugget.

The chicken nugget, described as being included in BTS McDonald’s meal (a promotion for a fast food franchise with a K-POP band), was first listed on eBay for $ 0.99 by a user named Polizna. Since then, there have been 120 bids and prices have skyrocketed to $ 34,744. The auction lasts two and a half days until one lucky (or unlucky) winner takes away the nugget.

Since the official announcement, more people may see the list and bid. Among us Twitter shared the list in its feed today. Already astronomical pricing has the potential to grow into even larger cash.

Polygon contacted the seller but wasn’t in time for the release.

Among us Its cartoon-inspired 2D crewmate inspired many memes and animated skits that brought the character to life. On TikTok, we often see people joking, pretending to be looking at characters in everyday objects that vaguely resemble them. Like a mailbox Or Recycled cans..

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