Mecha Dragon: Insider History from Software

You may be introduced to the studio through “Dark Souls”, but Tokyo-based From Software has a long history in the game industry. While visiting our studio on the October cover story of Dark Souls III, we talked to Senior Managing Director Masanori Takeuchi about his 20-year career at From Software.

Throughout the interview, Takeuchi emphasized the internal consistency of the studio, although they have recently received Western attention: “In the past, our games were regarded as sh-ty games… Now they respect that we have been in Doing all these things for years.” We also talked about how they saw Dark Souls III as a “turning point” and eager to deal with new small projects in the future. We should point out that, just like our video introduction in collaboration with Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki, the translated audio has been replaced by Jeff Cork of Game Informer to improve audio quality. To learn more about the history of From Software and the legacy of games such as Bloodborne, check out the features of Dan Tack earlier this year.

Watch the video interview below to learn all about From Software’s long history.

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