MechWarrior 5: Kestrel Lancers expansion pack will be launched next week, and added “Mega Cities”

Mecha Warrior 5: The Legend of Kestrel will be available on Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store on September 23. There is enough time to smash the mecha. The expansion pack also introduces new jungle and desert biomes and mega cities, the latter (according to the developer Piranha Games) are “significantly” larger urban playgrounds that you will undoubtedly smash into pieces.

During the Fourth Succession War, Kestrel Lancers was an independent campaign. In addition to new all-out war scenarios and procedurally generated missions, there were 14 missions and 7 battle scenarios on custom maps. The expansion pack will not add any new mechas, but will come with more than 20 mecha variants—essentially new mecha loads.