Media rated PS5 by ESRB

Stephanie Nannery
June 5, 2021 14:52 GMT

According to ESRB, The Medium is coming to PlayStation 5.

Entertainment Software Rating Board list PS5 The Medium (Thank you, Gematsu).

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The Bloober Team’s third person psycho-horror title was first announced for the PC, Xbox Series X / S, and was released on the first day through the Xbox Game Pass.

This game puts you in Marianne’s shoes, a vision-obsessed medium that can interact with two worlds, the real world and the spiritual world.

Released in January, the game was generally positive for various and average ratings. Nevertheless, a few days after its launch, the game made a profit from its first sale.

In our review, Tom felt this was a good old-fashioned horror title, but felt lacking in some areas.

“If you’re looking for action and serious horror, The Medium probably won’t bore you. That’s pretty much it,” Tom said. “This is a slow burn and the twisted plot takes 6 to 8 hours to unravel. I felt the pace was ideal. The game is enough to make things interesting. Put a high-intensity moment into the mix. “Don’t expect traditional boss battles. Encounters are designed to be intimidating and frightening, not difficult.”

He praised the two worlds appearing side by side, Marianne moving the same in each world, and how the game triggers a complete switch between worlds.

If you need help in the tricky part of The Medium, there are guides on how to get inside Niwa Resort, solve the door code number puzzle, go through the water tank at the pumping station, and solve the vase puzzle. .. ..

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