Meet holographic ghouls, galactic snowmen, and psychic octopuses in the surreal adventure Growbot

There is only a thin line between cuteness and creepy, anyone who has played Amanita Design adventure games (such as Machinarium or Samorost) can attest to this.To guide the same surreal and beautiful atmosphere is Growth robot, From developer Wabisabi Play and Application Systems Heidelberg’s new click puzzle adventure game.

In Growbot, you are a newcomer to the biomechanical space station, but the moment you arrive, you will find that this place is under siege by mysterious enemies. Other space robots are disabled, so you start to wander around, collect items, solve puzzles, and try to solve the threat before the space station is destroyed.

It takes about 3.5 hours for me to enter Growbot. Although the experience is very fascinating and the world in which it takes place is beautiful and fascinating, I still know very little about what actually happened. You can carry some cute elf-like elves with you (I once stuffed one into a small truck so that it could scoop up space berries).There is a friendly big snowman (technically no A snowman, but it is like a snowman) likes jam and tea, somehow there is a complete galaxy in its belly. There is a clockwork bee, a meditating cat, a psychic octopus that thinks it is a squid, and a talking pink puffball. Somehow, this adventure is to power a space station force field powered by flowers.

(Image source: Wabi Game)

Some puzzles are really interesting to solve-a few times you will encounter a shielding barrier that emits a different series of notes. You need to create a key to unlock it by looking for various flowers around the station to arrange the notes you collected. Use music plants to make singing keys? This is a very good way to solve the problem, and it is much better than simply finding my billionth iron key in a drawer or table.

Some other puzzles are more traditional, and some are a bit confusing. I admit that there are one or two that I did not solve by figuring out what to do, but by simply doing things until I stumbled upon the solution. Maybe this is not the best way to solve the problem, but I prefer accidental solutions instead of getting into a frustrated situation.

(Image source: Wabi Game)

Art, animation and sound design Growth robot Everything is great, and I have forgotten time more than once while exploring the colorful biopunk space station. I may not know what happened or how this beautiful and surreal world works, but I do enjoy being in it.