Meet Serial Cleaners’ crime scene cleaning team

Cleaning up a crime scene isn’t pretty. When you first do this, you think it’s just cleaning up big puddles, but it’s not. There was broken glass, bullet casings, and smudges and footprints from people at the scene who didn’t stop to think about it as they slid around in their own blood, and then someone had to take care of all the mess.

Oh, and you might need a chainsaw because of all the stuff you see in killer games, he just carries corpses around like a hollow mannequin? Yes, it’s not that easy. The bodies are heavy, and their pieces are much lighter.

Fortunately, you don’t need to write a checklist for Serial Cleaners, 505 Games’ upcoming stealth and crime cleanup game. That’s because you’ll have four professionals at your disposal, each with their own talents and equipment, to help you get in, get out of evidence, and get out of there, all while dodging the cops and other villains that linger on the scene.

(Image credit: 505 Games)

First up is Bob — trusty old Bob with his no-nonsense vacuum cleaner and impressive ability to glide over bloodstains like a figure skater at the Winter Olympics. The all-rounder of the crew, the OG of the cleaning team, Bob approaches a crime cleanup like a janitor approaches a high school cafeteria after get off work. A pair of safe hands can suck every drop of blood from the scene.

Serial Cleaners' official artwork showing Lati as a character

(Image credit: 505 Games)

For someone with a little flair, Ratti is your girl. Her parkour skills allow her to easily avoid police and security, and she is also a very talented street artist. Put a “fuck the cop” sticker on the floor, then when the cops get mad at you for a good job, sneak past them and get on with the job you were hired to do.

Serial Cleaners official artwork showing Viper character

(Image credit: 505 Games)

Vip3r is a quintessential 90s hacker. Take her to any device with wires (preferably a circuit board) and she’ll turn the whole damn building upside down. Use electronic devices to distract and open mechanical doors and gates for an easy escape, but remember, the cops aren’t stupid – once they turn the lights back on, you need to slip away!

Serial Cleaners' Official Artwork Shows Psycho Characters

(Image credit: 505 Games)

Then there’s Hal. Aha, the lovely “psychotic” Hal and his – let’s just say –Unique way of doing things. He’ll need some tidying up before he’s able to not turn the crime scene into a bigger one, but he’s one of the best in the business these days. He’s also the only one on the team who has the stomach to chop corpses with a chainsaw, which is handy considering there are some lumberjacks around. convenient.