Meet the hostile factions of the underworld saints

The Saints team is full of fun, always shirtless fighter Kevin has emerged in a group called “Idol”. This is a faction, not so much a traditional organization as a cult organization. These idols can be seen from a mile away, with bright neon colors, glowing paint and LED helmets. They are very much like the kind of people you find in the wettest desert orgy. Due to the popularity of the organization and its huge number of followers, the sheer number of idols has become a prominent feature of the faction. Idols always attack in groups, almost in groups.

We learned in the mission “Idol Threat” that the exchange of fire with a group of neon bad guys may last for a while. Whenever you think you have nowhere to go, there will be hordes of gunmen coming out of the woodwork. Some idols have unique weapons and require their bosses to come up with different ways to kill them. One of them is a pair of LED whips that rotate in front of the idol to deflect your gunshots. It’s annoying to deal with, but that’s the point, right?