Meet Trent Oster, the guy who launched Neverwinter Nights twice

Back in the 90s, everyone told Bioware that Western RPG was dead. “This is the best news you can hear,” co-founder Trent Oster said with a smile. “This means that there is absolutely no one paying attention to your market space, you can enter and do interesting things.”

However, this also means that the studio lacks a good example to follow. The model Bioware designed for the great D&D game Pool of Radiance appeared in the late 1980s and looked like Teletext. By 1995, the studio switched to playing the groundbreaking real-time strategy game “Warcraft”. That’s why when you click on members of Baldur’s Gate, you often hear an early Blizzard-style funny, breaking fourth wall witty—”Yes, oh, ubiquitous authority figure?” or “Do not touch me!”