Mega Man’s sprint enters Monster Hunter Rise next week

Capcom continues to work with its in-house brand to bring another skin to Monster Hunter Rise. This time Mega Man 11 is a crossover game that provides a new Palamute layered armor featuring Rush. This robot dog may be something other than my favorite game! Check out Rush in action in the trailer below.

The development team of Monster Hunter is more than just patting on the character and calling it a day. Putting the Rush armor on your Palamute will turn it into a Rockman’s canine companion and complete his famous special moves. Sprinting on the Rush Palamute will cause the dog to levitate and turn its hind legs into a rocket engine. Similarly, jumping off him will enable the spring animation, just like Rush is helping Megaman jump to a high platform. Hunters can even customize his colors to make their personalized version of Rush.

These loving details make me sure to get a bland skin when it is released. Other recent Capcom collaborations include partnerships with Monster Hunter Stories 2 (you can read my review here), Akuma from Street Fighter, and Amaterasu from the whimsical Okami. At least one Capcom crossover game is scheduled to be released this fall, but you can experience Rush on September 24. I wish you a happy hunting!