MercurySteam work policy prevents Metroid Dread staff from gaining recognition

MercurySteam, the development studio behind Metroid Fear, is currently in a dilemma because former staff members have come forward to claim that their work in the recently released and acclaimed Nintendo Switch action-adventure game has not been praised.

3D artist Roberto Mejías accepted LinkedIn Although the assets of his work in the studio still appear in the final product, it expresses his confusion and disappointment that he was not included in the list of producers of “Metropolitan Fear”. “I sincerely congratulate the Metroid Fear team for launching such a great game. However, I am not surprised by the quality of the game because the number of talents on that team is amazing,” Mejas wrote. “I know first-hand information, because even though I was not included in the points of the game, I have been a member of that team for eight months. When playing the game, I have realized many assets and environments that I have participated in… …So my job is there. So, I want to ask MercurySteam: Why didn’t I appear in the game’s points? Is there any misunderstanding?”

Another former MercurySteam staff member also claimed that they were not recognized, including that they had worked on Metroid Dread for 11 months. Although wishing to remain anonymous, they left the following statement; “It is a very ugly practice not to recognize the work of a team dedicated to the project and hard work.”

This report is provided by a Spanish press publication Spoiler, He contacted MercurySteam for comments. You can find the disappointing response from the company representative below;

“The studio’s policy requires everyone to participate in the project [for] At least 25% of the total game development will appear in the final credits. Sometimes there are exceptions when making special contributions. “

– MercurySteam PR

Since the work on Metroid Dread may have started shortly after Metroid: Samus Returns was released in 2017, the game has been actively developed for approximately four years. Unfortunately, this means that only people who have worked on the project for at least 12 months can reach the 25% threshold required by the studio to include their names in credits.

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