Meta’s new Personal Boundary aims to combat creepers in VR

Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, is launching a new feature for its Horizon Worlds and Horizon Venues VR platforms that it hopes will cut down on harassment, abuse, and generally creepy behaviour from its users. Called Personal Boundarythe new option prevents avatars from coming too close to one another in virtual worlds, “creating more personal space for people and making it easier to avoid unwanted interactions.”

The system sounds quite simple in its workings: When someone gets too close, their forward movement is halted. The distance between avatars will be locked to just under four feet at launch, and there’s no visible barrier or haptic feedback when someone is halted, so users won’t be aware that someone is trying to run up on them. Avatars can move past one another when Personal Boundary is active, according to The Vergeso the system can’t be used to block or trap users.