Metro Exodus enhanced version brings new light to the old darkness

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(Image source: Future)

In addition to our 2021 Major Game Awards, every member of the PC Gamer team has focused on the games they love this year. For the rest of this month, we will release the new employee draft and our main awards.

The past year has left me precious time to play new games. A large number of unfinished gamers are guilty, toddlers, babies, moving, yadda yadda. I’m basically still catching up to the tons of great PC games I haven’t played in the past few years, let alone staying at the top of all games launched in 2021. But Metro Exodus enhanced version will be creepy post-apocalyptic shooter back to my sight again, forcing me to face the radiation nightmare of apres bomb Russia again.

I’m glad it did, because I can now see every detail of the developer’s packaging without having to resort to the clichés of FPS flashlights. I am with Hitchcock; when you can see what is about to happen, the suspense and horror are more obvious.