Metroid Dread and Switch OLED models are made for each other

Metroid fear And Nintendo’s new Switch model, which has a larger, more vivid OLED screen, seems to be born for each other-or at least Nintendo’s latest Metroid game seems to be designed to show what the latest Switch hardware can do.

There are some moments in the first hour Metroid Fear It seems obvious, like the bounty hunter hero Samus Aran entering a dark room, only the light of her power armor penetrates the dark scene.Those dark blacks also extend to other well-lit areas, and almost every area has dark negative space fearHeralds a new planet.Even the user interface of the game is prominent on the new screen of the system; Metroid’s familiar branch map shines against a blue-black background, as are the vibrant red and white logos. fear.

When playing for more than the first hour Metroid Fear In a recent practice event held in New York City, when I was playing games on that clear 7-inch OLED screen, an idea recurred in my mind: “Oh, no. I think this.I do not need this. But I want this. “

Image: Mercury Steam/Nintendo

I cannot properly evaluate the other benefits of the new Nintendo Switch OLED model, such as the improved audio output of the system speakers (I chose the headset provided) and the wired Ethernet port.I found myself too focused on Metroid Fear I used Switch’s new bracket design to separate Joy-Con and futz-it is a full-width flip that looks more stable than the 3/4-inch current bracket that launches Switch.

Let’s call it proof Metroid Fear, It starts with a fascinating mystery and immediately puts the player in danger.There is almost no downtime; the Galactic Federation notified Samus Aran of the deadly X parasite, believed to be in Metroid Fusion, Survived.She was sent on various rescue missions; the EMMI security sentry sent to investigate the claims on the ZDR planet disappeared, it depends Get vaccinated correctly Sams wanted to know what happened.

After arriving at ZDR, Sams found herself in a familiar situation: exhausted her powerful abilities and sought to escape the planet. In the first hour of the game, I restored some of these skills, including her charging beam, spider magnet (which allows her to climb certain walls and ceilings), and phantom cloak (which can help her avoid being spotted now— Rogue EMMI robot). There will not be an early series upgrade in the first hour: the deformed ball. Instead, Sams can glide gracefully through waist-high openings in the wall.

Samus slipped through a gap while being hunted by EMMI in Metroid Dread

Image: Mercury Steam/Nintendo

I didn’t spend much time on that phantom cloak. When the proximity detector detects that Samus is nearby, its stealth function can be used to bypass some locked doors, but it is definitely more useful when chased by EMMI robots. Not only are they ruthless, but they can kill with one blow. If someone takes Sams away, it’s almost certain that a game will be over. There is a final escape maneuver, but I initially found it difficult to accomplish reliably.I’m sure when Metroid Fear Shipped on October 8th, I will get a lot of practice.

The early bosses were also ruthless. I often die, trying to perfect my goal to combat the weakness of the monster. But the punishment for death is not severe. The game provides ample storage space and a large number of checkpoints. More is the embarrassment of death; I don’t remember that previous Metroid games often put me into the end of the game.

Some of it can be attributed to unfamiliar Metroid Fearmap. There are many times when EMMI will follow Samus. I found myself in a panic exploration mode, desperately trying to get out of EMMI’s auditory detection range, but I don’t know where I am going. Although I was dead, I was under too much pressure and running around aimlessly, but the fear of being snatched away by EMMI added delicious spices to Metroid’s familiar formula.

Samus targets Omega Blaster at EMMI in Metroid Dread

Image: Mercury Steam/Nintendo

Those close encounters with EMMI can cause adrenaline to soar, especially when Samus is temporarily filled with Omega shock wave energy to knock it down.This happened several times Metroid FearIn the first hour, it was as fierce as the Metroid battle. Here’s the thing: After defeating a small boss, Sams exhausted its energy and stored a large amount of Omega energy in her arm cannon. She will soon have to face the EMMI, use the L button to freely aim its head, use the R to slowly charge the cannon, and use the Y button to release a powerful beam when ready. Yes, it needs to grab some crabs with your fingers to pull away this action, especially under pressure, but this requirement also increases the tension of these dangerous encounters.

It is these moments, and the meticulously polished game loop that the creators of Metroid seems to have realized again, that I am most looking forward to Metroid Fear next month. Of course I want to 100% map, find every energy tank and missile upgrade, and then see through the story (fear Will end with the arc of the main series).

But what I look forward to most is to become a professional EMMI killer and avenge Samus in the first time full of games. And, if my determination fails, the shiny new Nintendo Switch model will be reduced by $349.99.