Metroid dread double amiibo pack features revealed

One of the stars of the recent Nintendo E3 2021 presentation was the announcement of a new 2D Metroid game for the Nintendo Switch developed by a talented team of Mercury Steam. The title of the game is Metroid Dread, and when Nintendo was announced, it also revealed that two new amiibo figures will be released as a double pack with the game.The· GameStop reservation page The EMMI amiibo numbers show that Samus Aran is given a missile + tank and is increasing the missile capacity by one. You can also tap EMMIamiibo again to replenish the missile once a day. Samus Aran amiibo gives players an additional energy tank and increases your health by 100. Tap Samus amiibo again to get healthy once a day.

New Samus amiibo ™ and EMM Amiibo figures featuring Metroid Dread suits are available in 2-pack sets. Scan the Samus amiibo for additional energy tanks and increase your health by 100. In addition, you can tap Samus amiibo again to gain strength once a day. EMMI amiibo gives Samus a missile + tank and increases the missile capacity by 10. In addition, you can tap EMMI amiibo again to replenish the missile once a day. The Metroid ™ Dreadamiibo 2 pack will be released on October 8, 2021 with the Metroid ™ Dread.

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