Metroid Dread has been updated to version 1.0.3

This is not surprising, but there hasn’t been any new content since Metroid Dread was released more than a month ago. Nevertheless, some errors were found in the game. Major bugs were fixed a month ago, but there were also some minor bugs, so Nintendo has been taking time to release some updates to fix them.

Well, Nintendo has released another update for the game. When you update Metroid Dread, the game version should be 1.0.3. Only one bug has been fixed in this update. However, Nintendo unexpectedly included a paragraph explaining why they decided to fix the error. The patch description can be seen below.

General repair
  • Fixed an issue where Samus’s damage detection would disappear under certain circumstances.
    • We decided to fix this problem because it might happen unintentionally, and if it does happen, it will cause the game experience to be very different. Metroid Fear At first it was for experience.