Metroid dread took 15 years to make due to technical limitations at the time

Yoshio Sakamoto, who has been involved in several games in the Metroid series, has revealed to journalists why the team took 15 years to produce and deliver the next Metroid Dread game for the Nintendo Switch platform. Sakamoto came up with the idea of ​​Metroid dreads 15 years ago, and the project started and stopped many times over the years. The reason was that Mr. Sakamoto wanted to pursue the concept of revolving around Samus Aran with deadly invincible power, but due to the technical limitations of the hardware at that time, the team decided his vision. It couldn’t be completely realized. Today, with a reasonably powerful Nintendo Switch system and excellent development partners in the form of Mercury Steam, they have been able to realize Mr. Sakamoto’s vision for Metroid Dread.


“I wanted to make something uneasy for the player, and I wanted to convey this discomfort inherent in robotic things.”


“I actually met them because I wanted them to understand the concept of metroid dreads,” explains Sakamoto. “By meeting them, they felt we were a team that could work together towards a single concept and achieved this goal I had in mind for Metroid Dread.”

Verge’s thoughts on unplayable demos and Sakamoto’s thoughts on long-term projects:

“From the live gameplay demos I’ve seen, the EMMI robot is hunting down Samus with properly horrifying, cold-calculated accuracy. For Sakamoto, it’s worth seeing it come together so smoothly. I’ve been waiting for a long time to realize my vision.

“It’s really better than I imagined 15 years ago when I thought about this,” he says.