Metroid Dread’s free boss rush update is live, ready to destroy you

Metroid Fear The boss rush update is live, and with it comes three modes that pit Samus against her toughest foes.

As announced in February’s Nintendo Direct, Metroid Dread’s second free update brings Boss Sprint Mode. In fact, this update technically brings three new modes, but they’re basically the same, with different levels of difficulty. If you’re not familiar with the concept of boss rush, it’s easy. You just have to deal with each boss in the game one by one.

The standard boss rush mode lets Samus do just that, facing all the bosses you have in the main game. After each fight, your missiles regenerate, but the damage continues until the next fight. Each battle increases your maximum number of missiles, energy tanks and power bombs.

In survival boss rush mode, you’ll do the same thing, except you want to beat as many as you can before the timer runs out. If you manage to defeat a boss, you get more time, and if you can defeat a boss without taking any damage, you get a little cheeky reward. Missiles and health do not regenerate between bosses, which adds to the challenge.

The last mode is called Dread Dash, and in it you fight all 12 bosses, but there’s one problem that makes it more challenging: Similar to Dread Mode, a single hit means an instant hit. But you do fully recover your missiles after each fight.

Thankfully, there’s also a practice mode, so you can try each boss in any order.

Several new difficulty modes were also announced in the initial free update as part of the February Direct. One is the aforementioned fear mode, which basically forces you to “get good” because you’re dead in one hit. It also introduces a novice difficulty, making bosses easier and allowing you to restore more energy and ammo.