Metroid Fear Review-Astro Dreadnought

The Metroid series is mainly defined by its haunting atmosphere and ominous tone. Inspired by the “Alien” series of movies and HR Giger’s work, “Metroid” has always been only a few steps away from horror films. Metroid Fear brings the series closer. The moment Sams set foot on the planet ZDR, she became a prey. Every deadly creature — and machine — in the world longed for Sams’ blood, and she was trapped a few miles below the surface of the earth, away from her ship. Moreover, the only way out is through the barrel of the cannon in her arm. Although Samus’s latest adventure provides the classic exploratory platform/action we are looking forward to, I have never shaken the all-encompassing anxiety that gave this adventure its name…I love every minute of it.

Metroid helped pioneer the idea of ​​exploring large non-linear spaces, so the ZDR world and its different regions are vital to Metroid Dread. The quiet underground waterfall of Artaria is in stark contrast to the deadly lava flow of Cataris. At the same time, Brenia is home to a huge underground ocean filled with carnivorous marine life. These environments feel alive; rain water flows down from the side of the alien tram system, cold air floats from the side of the frozen platform, strange bugs gather around the light source, and when Samus approaches, they only scatter into the shadows.

Because of the basic upgrades scattered on the ZDR planet like breadcrumbs, exploring these foreign regions will continue to pay off. A few new capabilities are very powerful. I especially like Samus’s new Storm missile, which allows her to target multiple targets before releasing a series of explosives. Unfortunately, most of Dread’s upgrades are old backup devices, and MercurySteam seems obliged to include them. I know that Metroid feels different without the deforming ball, which allows Samus to squeeze into the narrow vents, but it is not exciting to find this upgrade for a few hours in the new Metroid game. I hope Sams has more of her traditional abilities from the start, leaving room for more gorgeous upgrades. In fact, Metroid Dread feels that it will occasionally renovate old places, but this is a small disappointment for the originally great experience.

Fortunately, Dread has done something to change the old formula. One of the most important new features is a new enemy type starship blush called EMMI. EMMI is so strong that Samus cannot defeat them in a fair fight; she must use a new invisibility device to avoid them or hide it, which can be temporarily invisible. These nervous cat-and-mouse encounters made me sweat, and every time I met EMMI, I felt my stomach drop and I ran frantically to safety.

At the setting moment of the story, Samus temporarily upgraded her arm cannon, allowing you to reverse the situation on EMMI. Even if fully armed, these encounters require careful timing and fast footwork, because a wrong move may make you stare. At the end of the game screen. Naturally, overcoming these challenges is a beneficial victory. Similarly, Dread’s other boss encounters also provide considerable challenges. For example, Kraid, the giant three-eyed green reptile, is back. The battle was fought in a confined space, avoiding the spikes in his stomach, then jumping on both sides of the wall, shooting him in the face, incredibly painful. Fortunately, every boss has a recognizable pattern, so these battles seem fair. Overcoming every battle mountain puts me in a state of euphoria that makes my heart beat faster.

The Metroid fear began when Sams was trapped at the bottom of the vast underground network of the ZDR planet. This is a reversal of the traditional opening that often put Sams in the dark center, suggesting that MercurySteam (the developer of 3DS Metroid: Sams Returns) is ready to rearrange the Metroid formula. Don’t be fooled; Metroid Dread follows the blueprint familiar to Nintendo, for better or worse-but mainly for the better. This journey is not terrible in the traditional sense. After turning a corner and facing an alien monster, I never jumped out of my seat. Nevertheless, the atmosphere of Dread is still very strong, and its majestic boss encounter is enough to ensure that it wins its title. Although there are some minor issues in this old model, Metroid Dread is a white knuckle thrilling game that you should not be afraid of.

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