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Metroid Fear Commenting in the wild, check the scores of the critics, it seems to be popular with most people.

This is the first new work of the 2D Metroid Saga in more than 19 years, after the Metroid fusion.

The side-scrolling gameplay of the previous Metroid game is retained, and stealth elements are added. Among them, Sams explores the strange planet ZDR alone, while being hunted down by the ominous EMMI robot.

By gaining abilities, you can return to areas you have already visited to find new places and hidden upgrades in the classic Metroid game.

Developed by MercurySteam, Metroid Dread ends the ongoing storyline, focusing on the fate of Samus and Metroid creatures. Nintendo Switch will go on sale on Friday, October 8.

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Metroid Fear Review