Microids is developing two games based on the Taito franchise, which will be launched next year

Microids, The French publisher behind Syberia, Flashback is working with Skill, The iconic Japanese publisher. This partnership will enable Microids to develop two new games based on the Taito franchise.

The news was announced this week, but neither company has hinted at the franchise name or even the type of game. Both games are currently in development, and the goal is to be released in 2022. Except for the “experienced” team, we don’t know who is developing these games.

Taito has created many beloved classics in the arcade and home game consoles. The list includes Space Invaders, Darius, Raiden, Bubble Dragon, to name a few. Taito has been publishing games here and there, but the company has not made a comeback like other legendary Japanese developers in recent years.

“We are very pleased that the Japanese giant fully commissioned us to develop these games,” said Microids CEO Stephane Longeard.

“We fully believe that Microids is capable of restoring our two licenses through the games they provide in the next few months. Gamers will be surprised to experience these games reappearing on today’s consoles,” Taito President Katsuhiko Iwaki Added.