Microsoft has officially cancelled those dead features for Windows 11

For every action, there will be the same and opposite reactions, and for every new feature in Windows 11, it seems that a Windows 10 feature has been removed. In some cases, these may be gone forever, while others may return later in the life of Windows 11.

Those returned may be attributed to people’s protests on the feedback center, so I strongly recommend you to check to see if anyone has pointed out your most lacking features, and may even lend you a yes vote for the event.There are already many A feature that users who have lost their enthusiasm demanded to return.

However, Microsoft has released an official feature deprecation list, and these features will not return. Or at least there are currently no plans to bring these features back from the dead. So let’s take a look at the greater features of Windows 10, which have been thrown into the huge recycle bin in the sky before Windows 11.

Sometimes, the timeline function can be very useful. I just rarely use it. (Image source: Microsoft)