Microsoft is trying to induce pirates to turn to the light

Piracy is a worldwide problem arrrrr. Not only does it deprive software developers and companies of the income they deserve, but it also gives end users easy access to scurvy dogs that launch increasingly sophisticated malware. No one understands the impact of piracy better than Microsoft. For decades, users have been using illegal copies of Windows and Office. This is a losing battle, but Microsoft did not fight those who use illegal software, but tried a different method, hanging carrots in front of users instead of forcing users to walk on boards.

(Image source: Ghacks)

Gax, pass through Computer worldAccording to the report, users who use pirated versions of its popular Office software suite will receive a 50% discount on the legal version. Interestingly, it tries to guide pirates to use the online Office 365 suite. Given that the offline version is more likely to be pirated, we would like to know whether Microsoft can really attract many users to get legal bounties because they use it “for free” and may not be willing to sign up for a Microsoft account at all. Some people want to own their software instead of dealing with software-as-a-service subscriptions or worry about Big Brother.