Microsoft says its Metaverse will include Xbox games

Facebook got a metaverse. Fortnite got a metaverse. Oops, you got a meta universe. Now that Microsoft has implanted its own metaverse logo, it will obviously also include Xbox games.

This news comes from a new Bloomberg The report details Microsoft’s overall metaverse plan. According to reports, the plan will include PowerPoint and Excel in a 3D virtual space. This news was released a few days after Facebook announced that it was creating its own Metaverse. According to reports, it even changed its actual name to Meta. edge.

Facebook’s metaverse course also includes games, that is, in its Oculus Quest 2 brand, but Microsoft’s inclusion of Xbox may be much larger, because the latter is much larger than the virtual reality platform. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in an interview with Bloomberg that Xbox is already home to some meta-universes.

“You can definitely expect us to do things in the game field,” Nadella said. “If you think of Halo as a game, it is a meta-universe. Minecraft is a meta-universe, and so is Flight Sim. In a sense, they are 2D today, but the problem is, you Can we bring it to a full 3D world now, so we absolutely plan to do so.”

Nadella hinted at what this might look like in other parts of the Bloomberg article, although he did not specifically mention its use in games. However, Nadella said “For example, you can experience the Best Buy store in Metaverse” and check out the devices you might want to buy there.

“Today, when you think of a website, it doesn’t have a good connection with the physicality we experience,” he continued.

It seems that bringing 3D physics into the 2D space is the Metaverse goal of Microsoft and Xbox. If this means that one day we will explore the Zeta Halo seen in Halo Infinite as Xbox avatars, then please register with us.

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