Minecraft Allay: Everything about the new helper

Want to make friends with Minecraft’s Allay mob? They are super helpful and cute little animals, love music and collect items, if you know how to use them, they can even help you automate some projects. This is based on what we know about Allay so far, at least, it is still a bit scarce.

It will take a while for us to meet Allay correctly, because the mob will arrive in Minecraft in 2022 with the new mangrove swamp and the new frog mob who live there. In the meantime, here is how Allay works, what they can do, and what you might want to use them for.

Where is Allay updated?

Allay will join Minecraft in the 1.19 wild update in 2022.

In the October 2021 Minecraft Live show, players voted him as the new Minecraft mob. The Allay defeated two other proposed mobs in the Wild Update: Glare and Iron Golem.

What does Alai do?

(Image source: Mojang)