Minecraft Architecture Magnificently Recreates Genshin Impact’s Mondstadt

Mondstadt is the first major city in Genshin Impact and is basically the main center of the game for most of the game. Here, you’ll meet a lot of characters, take on quests, and generally spend a lot of time. Genshin is the equivalent of Whiterun, if you will. For a city like this one in a popular video game, it’s only a matter of time before Minecrafters get interested.

A German group called Skyblock Squad, led by Marvin Schmidt, has over the past five months rebuilt Mondstadt in Minecraft at an almost 1:1 scale (Thanks, NME). I say almost because, while it was an ambition, the team had to go to a 1:1.15 scale due to limitations in adding detail in Minecraft, especially internal detail. This in turn allowed the team to build the city with the most important buildings, which feature Genshin-accurate interiors.