Minecraft became Super Mario 64 with this new mod

Mario can fly, jump and rush over my world Thanks to Pdxdylan’s new module.Unfinished mods allow developers to run Super Mario 64 The engine in the classic sandbox game.

A clip posted by Pdxdylan on Twitter shows that Mario is from Super Mario 64 explore my world Environments such as caves and the nether.This modified version my world Allow Mario to do everything he did in the original Nintendo 64 game, such as jumping, boxing, and swimming. The video even shows Mario flying with a wing cap.

The module maker pointed out that the project is still in progress and does not represent the final project. However, it seems that there are many.The video doesn’t show Mario mining or making, but he does work with my world The world and objects around him. He can use materials such as spider webs to crawl through the gaps, and he can also hit sheep and other creatures.If you want to see all the content there, you can Watch the video the following.

This is not the first time my world It collided with Mario World.When Mario came to the game with a special world and skin Launched on Nintendo Switch. But for those who wish to play this mod, that day may not come.in a Follow-up tweets, Pdxdylan said that they cannot guarantee downloads because Nintendo often sends out DMCA deletions to fan projects.

“All I can do now is post stupid videos of what I do with it in games,” they said.