Minecraft Dungeon is now on Steam

Minecraft Dungeons, essentially a “baby’s first Diablo-like game”, shares its settings with Mojang’s popular sandbox game and is exclusive Microsoft Store When it was launched in 2020.It’s in stock now steam, Coincides with the release of the Ultimate Edition, which combines the base game and its six DLC add-ons-Jungle Awakening, Winter Creep, Roaring Mountain, Void Flame, Hidden Depth and Echo Void-as well as a soundtrack and digital artwork. Of course, you can also play only on Game Pass.

Although it has no production and no mining, Minecraft Dungeons are indeed related to the legend of Minecraft, allowing you to fight Arch-Illager to destroy the Orb of Domination and become the hero of the main world. It also has a four-player cooperation mode, as of November last year, cross-platform games for PC, Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions.