Minecraft goes too far to celebrate Sonic’s 30th anniversary

Tomorrow is officially the 30th anniversary of the original Sonic the Hedgehog game, and Mojan is celebrating the blue blur with the release of a Sonic-themed DLC pack for Minecraft. This is not just a few skins, but an entire adventure based on the beginning of the Sega icon.

The trailer announcing new content shows how players will continue their adventures as Sonic and his friends speed up the Classic Zone from the original anthology of the game. There are Tales, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy, and Eggman shots, all of which can be played with their own special abilities. Supersonic and Chaos Emerald Flash spells out some classic secrets hidden in this impressively constructed content. A group of Sonic Adventure Chao has also appeared!

The DLC itself contains a hub that allows you to control the sonic and crew in familiar settings. It starts with a tutorial that teaches players how to jump, collect (square) rings, and even spin a dash. A tails lab full of series items and souvenirs. Sonic can be reached to a classic level like the Green Hill Zone through a portal within the lab. Equipped with the right sound effects, music, and enemies. Everything you would expect from a Sonic game, most importantly including speed, is in these recreated zones. Sonic can perform speed boosts, loops and jump to obstructive badnicks. The rings collected in each zone can be used to buy and play more characters and enjoy additional life.

Hive, Minecraft’s mini-game server, is also planning an event to match this new Sonic content.DLC announcement above Minecraft.net “You can also attend a special server event to celebrate Sonic’s birthday. The upcoming The Hive will host a two-week server hub takeover featuring mini-games and some festive surprises. I’ve heard rumors that something special is happening over the weekend, so check in regularly! “

Mojang certainly brought a considerable gift to Sonic fans in time for the Big 3-0. Minecraft’s Sonic the Hedgehog DLC ​​is available today on all platforms that support Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Sega is celebrating Sonic’s anniversary with a new way to play Genesis games and a remaster of Sonic Colors later this year. Our own Brian Shay recently talked with Sonic Team Takashi Iizuka about the series and its future.