Minecrafter built a huge halo ring, it actually spins

If there is one thing that a world made of cubes shouldn’t do, it is a circle. However, ambitious Minecraft players just like to challenge logic to build impressive circular structures. A fearless builder went further, threw all the rules of the game out the window, and built a spinning ring. Yes, a complete moving halo ring, including different biomes, beam emitters and crashed pelicans. Most importantly, you can download and explore the content yourself.

A Minecraft YouTuber named Reach said that his Halo ring was originally inspired by a construction shared by another creator.This Smaller ring world It’s impressive, but commenters on the post said that if it really worked, it would be even cooler. Reach decided to accept this challenge and used WorldEdit and Create mod to build and design an actual mobile ring.

i_made_a_spinning_halo_ring from r/Minecraftbuilds